Approach and Strategy

Love In Action Ethiopia (LIAE) uses a holistic approach called Integral Human Development (IHD) to help people reach their full potential and find solutions to their problems. To promote such transformative and sustainable change, it engages people at every level-individual, family, community, regional and national, and puts its resources into well-focused and unique programs in which it has a special analytical and organizational edge.

LIAE measures its success through real change on the ground, and its approach involves three essential steps: Research It, Change It, and Scale It.  It starts with primary data to develop its projects, and its rigorous analysis identifies risks, unveils opportunities, informs smart strategies and provides recommendations. It tests projects with communities, and works with partners to deliver change on the ground. It holds itself accountable to ensure its outcomes will be bold and enduring. It does not think small and stop there. It continues engaging with partners and decision makers to elevate its impact.

LIAE believes that its approach will guide its work and ensures it has the maximum positive impact possible on the lives of the target beneficiaries.

Long & Short Term Strategies
Long Term Strategies

  • To strengthen a team of supporters to the organization (members and supporters).
  • To raise and capacitate future leadership and governance of the organization.
  • To ensure consistent growth and focused revenue development and  management.
  • To scale up community engagement and collaboration strategies through the promotion of community based program interventions.
  • To expand innovative and diversified program and development initiatives.
  • Short Term Strategies

  • To undertake project based fundraising efforts for the implementation of its major programs.
  • To record and disseminate its ongoing and previous project impacts.
  • To equip the organization with necessary materials including purchase of additional vehicle so as to reduce unnecessary and inflated rental expenses for travel.
  • To secure land for office construction.
  • To prepare strategic planning document for five years and implement.

Commitment to Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
LIAE continually monitors and evaluates its programs, adjusting its activities along the way to ensure the greatest positive impact.  It has created a cutting edge platform that allows easier and more accurate data collection, better tools for decision making, and easier performance tracking across projects and regions.

LIAE also uses robust financial mechanisms to ensure accountability and transparency with its donors and the people it serves.